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  • The #1 Lesson We’ve Learned About Content Marketing The #1 Lesson We’ve Learned About Content Marketing

    Little boy in math class overwhelmed by the math formula.

    ContentBacon shares the secret to being successful in content marketing

    You’ve heard a lot about content marketing. It seems like every marketer and business is talking about how central it is to their growth strategy. And it’s not going anywhere. It’s not some trend that will pass. It’s the new way businesses do business. You know you need to do it too, but you just can’t seem to get started.

    And we get that. We know it’s not easy. Since we ... Read more

  • 3 Strategies for Successful Social Media Marketing 3-Strategies-for-Successful-Social-Media-Marketing-ContentBacon

    Social media has become widely used for content marketers because it gives us the opportunity to speak with our consumers one-on-one and reach our audience directly. While most of us use social media, only a small portion of marketers feel that their social media efforts are successful. Continue reading to uncover the 3 strategies for successful social media marketing and how you can enhance your use of these platforms.

    3-Strategies-for-Successful-Social-Media-Marketing-ContentBacon1. Choose your networks

    Before you can begin to create content for social media, you must first decide which social media platforms you are going ... Read more

  • 8 Important Reminders For Your Content Marketing Strategy 8-Important-Reminders-For-Your-Content-Marketing-Strategy-ContentBacon

    Every so often, we get wrapped up in meetings and deadlines that we forget the foundation of what we’re doing. Sometimes it pays to keep in mind what you’ve learned along the way in regards to creating great content that will engage your audience. Continue reading to uncover the 8 important reminders for your content marketing strategy and get back to basics.

    8-Important-Reminders-For-Your-Content-Marketing-Strategy-ContentBacon1. Focus on the needs of your customer

    The first rule in content marketing is to always focus on your customer and how you can solve his/her problems. Being able to help ... Read more

  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Content Promotion 5 Tips to Improve Your Content Promotion ContentBacon

    To have a successful content marketing strategy, it takes more than just producing great content. For a content marketing strategy to generate leads, a content marketer needs to promote their content as well. It is in this phase that marketers may struggle and not know where to start. If you feel like you’re in this stage, continue reading to uncover the 5 tips to improve your content promotion.

    5 Tips to Improve Your Content Promotion ContentBacon1. Research, research, research

    One of the most used and successful content promotion tactics is sending out emails. The ... Read more

  • 4 Ways to Create Compelling Visual Content 4 Ways to Create Compelling Visual Content ContentBacon

    Visual content is a huge player in the content marketing space – no longer will simple text suffice to catch the attention of your audience. Readers now want to imagine themselves hiking the Appalachian trail or stuffing their faces with a burrito because the visual content they are viewing is so mesmerizing. If you’re not sure where to start in creating visuals, keep reading to discover the 4 ways to create compelling visual content.

    4 Ways to Create Compelling Visual Content ContentBacon1. Make it interactive

    Sure, viewing a beautifully-pixelated picture can catch someone’s eye, ... Read more

  • How to Succeed in Marketing in 2016 How to Succeed in Marketing in 2016 ContentBacon

    As the first month of this new year comes to a close, marketers are beginning to examine what strategies they should employ in 2016 in order to be successful. While many parts of marketing strategies are essential from year to year, there are still aspects of the industry that are constantly changing. Keep reading to discover how your marketing strategy can succeed in 2016.

    How to Succeed in Marketing in 2016 ContentBacon1. Data is everything

    Data, when used correctly, can be extremely insightful into solving some of your major business problems. In regards to ... Read more

  • How to Start With Your Audience – Not Product – First How-to-Start-With-Your-Audience-–-Not-Product-–-First-ContentBacon

    When launching a business, most entrepreneurs initially focus solely on their product and getting it out to their buyers. While profitable in the beginning, this isn’t the only way you can go about launching a business. Rather than giving your attention to your product, you can instead start with your audience and build a relationship with them first.

    How-to-Start-With-Your-Audience-–-Not-Product-–-First-ContentBacon1. Choose an audience

    The first obvious step in this process is to choose an audience to target. Be methodical in this decision– don’t just throw darts and expect to hit something. Pick an audience ... Read more

  • 3 Characteristics of Successful Content 3-Characteristics-of-Successful-Content-ContentBacon

    The essence of content marketing is to create personal and long-lasting relationships with your target audience. By providing your audience with knowledge, entertainment, etc., they begin to see you as a thought leader in your industry, entrusting you for their main source of industry content. This is the success that content marketers hope to achieve but sometimes they have some trouble getting there. Read below to discover the 3 characteristics of and how to create successful content.

    3-Characteristics-of-Successful-Content-ContentBacon1. It’s Unique to Each Business

    Each business and company is different – they each have ... Read more

  • 5 Steps to Get You Started with Pinterest 5 Steps to Get You Started with Pinterest ContentBacon

    Pinterest is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 50 million active users by the time 2017 rolls around. As a social media platform that’s gaining more and more popularity with consumers, it’s essential that your business is active on Pinterest. We’ve compiled the 5 steps to get you started with Pinterest so you can start engaging with potential customers.

    5 Steps to Get You Started with Pinterest ContentBacon1. Start with Pinterest for Business

    Pinterest for Business is exactly what it sounds like – Pinterest has created special accounts for business users to ... Read more

  • 4 Content Marketing Challenges and How to Solve Them 4-Content-Marketing-Challenges-and-How-to-Solve-Them-ContentBacon

    Content marketing, while effective at forming long-lasting relationships with customers, can be difficult to manage and implement. There are numerous challenges that come with content marketing, which make it no small feat to conquer. Content marketing will bring on great rewards for your business, so we’ve outlined the challenges many content marketers face and how you can overcome them.

    4-Content-Marketing-Challenges-and-How-to-Solve-Them-ContentBacon1. Getting Others Onboard for Content Marketing

    This first challenge that many content marketers face is simply getting others onboard to start content marketing efforts. Many people are wary of content marketing because its benefits ... Read more