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What Events Can Do For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Getting involved in events can do a lot for your business. First and foremost, an event can allow you to personally interact with your customers and develop a stronger relationship with them. Putting a name to a face can do a lot to build trust. An event can also position you as a leader in your industry and someone people can come to when they have questions or need help. Finally, an event can allow you to network with other industry professionals and learn something new. If you’re not sure where to get started, keep reading to find out how to integrate events into your content marketing efforts.

Attending an Event

What-Events-Can-Do-For-Your-Content-Marketing-Strategy-ContentBaconGoing to an event, such as a conference, is a great way to learn more about your industry and tell others about the event, spreading the word about your industry. One of the main benefits of attending an event is the ability to conduct research on new topics. Interacting with other professionals in your industry is a great way to learn about their stories and what they have to share. Ask them about their businesses, what challenges they’ve faced, and what they’ve learned along the way. Also pay attention to the questions people are asking after presentations. These are great insights into news in your industry and what others are talking about. One thing you should definitely try to do is to get in touch with a speaker. Connect with them on LinkedIn prior to the event or just go up to them at the event and ask for a few minutes to chat.

Hosting an Event

By bringing customers to you, you need to create an event that is interesting and will make it worth their time. Think of a crazy, unique topic. Host it at that new trendy bar downtown. Show that you know your area and you know your business. If you’re reserving space, make sure to keep it for at least an hour after the event is “over.” If you chose a good location and invited interesting people, your attendees will not be rushing to leave. But more importantly, if you’re presentation was done well, people will want to ask you questions at the end.

By either attending or hosting an event, there are countless benefits that can come out of either. What events have been your favorites so far this year?