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3 Common Habits By Successful Entrepreneurs

I get to meet a lot of successful CEO’s and business owners in my line of work.  They range from CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies to the founders/owners of startup ventures that get acquired by larger companies and of course lot’s of  “somewhere in between”.  I define successful pretty simply.  They have a business that is growing and thriving, they are having tons of fun (as are their employees if they have any) and they are building (or have built) tremendous abundance for their company and themselves.  In talking to hundreds of successful business owners and entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve noticed 3 key habits that they tend to have in common.

  1. They have morning rituals that they consistently follow.  They don’t wake up and react to the day. Rather they create each day exactly as they want to.  They have found that starting the day with a powerful ritual is an easy way to begin a cycle of results.
  2. They all read and learn voraciously.  Books, Newspapers, Blogs, Trade Journals, White Papers, TED Talks, etc.  Sometimes this reading, especially of newspapers and blogs, is part of their morning ritual. They read to learn from the experts, to challenge themselves, to improve thinking, to find other perspectives, to cross pollinate ideas.  And of course for pleasure sometimes too.
  3. They get mentored and coached.  They use personal business coaches/advisors or are part of organizations where they get get honest feedback from their peers.   Sometimes they have both.  (Examples of organizations: Vistage, Entrepreneurs Organization, YPO.)  They have good support structures from people outside their organization who help challenge them as well as deal with challenges plus hold them accountable for what they say they want.
No matter what you are up to in life,   following some of the same common habits of success will help further you in your personal or professional journey.
Wendy Lieber is the President of Athena Marketing, a strategic marketing company based in Fort Lauderdale and a partner/CMO at the digital media and publishing company, BC Network Media.