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Business at Its Best – How a Friday lunch changed my life

I had a lunch meeting on Friday with two of my favorite girlfriends,  Jane Bolin and Laura Rhoades.  It felt like such a luxury to get to spend time with these two, incredible, successful women who I am lucky enough to call my friends.    We had put it on our schedule weeks ago so I had been looking forward to it.

The thing is, it wasn’t a social lunch.  It was all business.  While we did spend a few minutes catching up, we spent the bulk of our time talking about what was working for us in our business lives as well as not working.  We are all highly motivated entrepreneurs who are each up to big things.  It felt phenomenal to be able to open up and share authentically about our concerns, challenges and frustrations plus brag a little about some major accomplishments we have all had.  The feedback and support I got was truthful and extremely helpful and had me still talking/thinking about it last night at dinner plus compelled to write about it today.  It opened up my thinking and creativity enormously plus gave me tools to reframe some areas I was struggling with which miraculously made the struggle disappear.

It was absolutely a productive way to spend a couple hours on a Friday that will have a positive impact on my business in many areas.  Yet, there was no stress, no preparation needed, no having to think carefully about how to give feedback so as not to offend, no fear of looking bad or trying to look good about anything – it was all just pure joy, fun and complete self expression.

It made me wish all my business relationships and interactions were as simple, fulfilling and fun as this.  In fact I said that to Jane right before we left.  Her quick, yet extremely wise,  response was, “They can.”   It was a powerful way to end our “meeting” and had me thinking about why I hadn’t created this with all my business relationships during my 30 minute drive in the rain back to my office.  Jane was dead on right and I’m not sure I had ever thought about this as a possibility before in my business which I now see is CRAZY.  Why would I have it be any other way?  I believe when you create relationships and environments where you can be fully self expressed beyond what you may believe is possible and have fun while you are doing it,  you are able to give your best work, actually greater than your best because you aren’t limited by yourself.   Isn’t this what we want to give everyone we do business with plus ourselves?  I know I do.

We’ve decided to start a monthly Women’s Power Lunch where we make a point to do this at least every month and create an environment where anything is possible and everyone gets to do everything they want in their life.  Sounds fun huh?  It already is.