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À la carte items that can garnish your monthly package:

Landing Pages – Landing pages are standalone web pages distinct from your main website that are designed to focus on a single objective. Landing pages help guide your visitors toward your intended conversion goal by limiting the options available. They are a powerful way to turn visitors into leads and customers. Landing pages are accessed from a hyperlink placed in a blog, newsletter, social media post or online advertising. Starting prices to create device responsive, optimized landing pages.
Starting at $500

Add Blog to the Site – Want to start blogging but don’t have a blog on your site? We can help you add a blog to your existing site so you can start leveraging this powerful tool.
Starting price – $750

Newsletter Creation – Do you have a database you aren’t communicating with on a consistent basis? A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your customers and prospects up to date on new information you’ve published on your site and any announcements you want to alert them to. If you aren’t communicating with your database you can bet your competitors are. Add a newsletter to your monthly marketing plan to stay top of mind with your community. We will create a newsletter template for you with your branding, populate it with current, relevant content and help get it ready to distribute.
Starting at $350

Setup Social Media – If you aren’t using social media to reach customers and prospects, you are missing a huge opportunity. With over 1.4 billion active users on Facebook alone, social media has become an important vehicle to build relationships with your community. We can help you set up your social media channels with the right graphics and descriptions so you can start building your audience.
Starter Package (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn): $500

Device Responsive Website – A device responsive website means your content is rearranged to fit onto any screen size. This means if you are viewing it on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet, the website will show up optimally. Earlier this year, Google said that they expect searches conducted on mobile devices to exceed the number of searches conducted on desktops by the end of 2014. Bottom line, your website needs to be device responsive. We can help you get it there.
Convert website to device responsive website.
Starting at $3500

Ebook – Creating a compelling Ebook is a great way to generate leads for your sales team. We can help you determine a list of topics and then turn that into an Ebook that will compel a prospect to download it in exchange for basic information that your sales team can use to follow up on. Click here for more information.
Starting at $700

Video – If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video could do. A video allows you to quickly introduce your business, explain what it does, and tell customers why they need you. It’s a fast, memorable way to make an impact on your audience and provide them with the important information necessary to make an informed buying decision. We can help you take existing materials and turn them into animated videos or start from scratch and create the outline, the script, video footage, edit, voice over and more.
Starting at $1500

Case Studies/Testimonials – Nothing explains your value better or more clear than your customers sharing their experience of how your company and service helped them grow their business. We can facilitate this for you through a questionnaire or phone/skype interview with your customers and from that create a written case study and testimonial.
Starting at $700

Research/Original Data – When’s the last time you polled or surveyed your customers or database? It’s an excellent way to collect information and then turn that into something valuable that you can share with your community. We can help set up an opinion poll or survey for you, distribute it and then turn the data into valuable content.
Starting at $1500

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